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Cookies Policy

During your browsing session, cookies are stored on your computer. This section allows a better understanding of how cookies work and also how to use current tools to set them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a designated text file that the server (website) you are visiting saves on a hard disk or in the browser’s cache which allows the computer to store various technical data, allowing general control of public access to the site (e.g. number of visits, frequency of exposure to a banner ad, connection to other sites…) or page customization displayed for the purpose of your next visit to the site (account, paths, etc.).

Cookies on the TA Triumph Adler Website

These are cookies submitted by TA Triumph-Adler website on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone for the purpose of navigating our website.

Personal Data collected automatically

While browsing the website, your computer exchanges information with a server that provides all requested resources by automatically saving each operation to a specific file where your computer is identified by its IP address.

Your browser automatically transfers certain standard data back to us.

In addition to your IP address, the following information is included: type of browser used,  performance, operating system, third-party site login information, (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) as well as time and date of access to these types of sites.

This information is collected automatically and allows us to monitor general activity of the site, detect errors and ensures that the site receives adequate material resources.This data, in particular your IP address does NOT allow us to identify you by name, with the exception of asking for your service provider, which can only happen in the event of a judicial proceeding.

Like many commercial websites, information is collected each time a user visits the site (e.g. pages, links, documents consulted, number of bytes transferred…).

The personal information given will allow ease of access to the website, and will avoid resubmitting the same information for each visit or customizing content according to user preferences or interests.

To the same end, this site transfers cookies.

We may use cookies to register your user ID to simplify searches and logging on to the site, as well as storing other information of interest in order to make your sessions easier to use.

Some of these cookies, in particular those related to browsing the website, are deleted automatically at the end of a session.

They shall be kept within the time limit set by CNIL for customer soliciting and prospects.

Others are used on an aggregated level, therefore anonymous, to enable us to improve navigation ergonomics and to identify the interests of internet users in their entirety.

You are free to accept or refuse cookies. Do this by simply changing the browser settings to refuse cookies or receive an alert when a cookie is saved to your computer.

It is also possible to delete cookies stored on your computer in order to permanently erase any information they contain.

Third party cookies

Cookies for estimating audience

We use Google Analytics to collect information about how you use the site. Why?

  • To help us estimate and study the efficiency of our online interactive content
  • To track analytical data on the site and how users operate the website
  • To improve the sites services

Google Analytics collects information about:

  • Pages a user visits and how much time is spent on these pages
  • How you found the site (e.g. site reference, social networks, search engine…)

Links clicked on during the visit

Name Usage Expiration
_utma Defines number of unique visitors on the site 2 years
_utmb Works with _umtc to calculate average amount of time spent per user on the site 30 minutes
_utmc Works with _utmb to specify when the user’s browser closes When the browser is closed
_utmz Lets us know how user found the site (e.g. from another website, search engine) 6 months
GDS_successEvents et GDS_analyticsTokens Analyzes how user operates the site and how to improve it 4 months

We do not collect personal information (e.g. name, address).

We do not allow Google Analytics to use or share this data.

Manage your preferences

There are different ways to manage cookies.

On your browser, you can also set up an alert to notify you when cookies are transmitted onto your computer and be asked to accept them or refuse them.

You can accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically.