Here are the trends
of CeBIT 2017

Here are the trends of CeBIT 2017

From learning robots to clever use of the Cloud: this year’s CeBIT is devoting its efforts to the opportunities of digitisation – and shows how businesses are the first to draw advantage from it.

A highlight of CeBIT 2017 is the talk planned by Internet visionary Ray Kurzweil. Google’s Director of Engineering is one of the most respected experts on artificial intelligence and is a merciless optimist for the future. His lecture will deal with the unimagined possibilities of digitisation that he believes will benefit mankind.

This guest appearance sets the tone of CeBIT 2017: with the motto “d!conomy – no limits”, from 20 to 24 March the world’s largest computer technology trade fair will show how progressive digitisation is transforming society and the economy and pushing the limits of what is possible further and further out.

Here come the machines

This year, CeBIT will focus mainly on robotics and artificial intelligence. The presentations will range from self-driving cars to industrial robots that autonomously assemble other similar robots, to learning robots capable of holding philosophical discussions.

Japan outstrips all others in the field of robotics and is CeBIT’s partner country this year. Among other things, robot researcher Hiroshi Ishiguro will present his machine image. The exhibitors in the Japan Pavilion will also present household robots that can serve drinks and they will demonstrate the use of robots in medicine and agriculture.

More than just a gimmick

The CeBIT creators want to show that this is about much more than a gimmick. The topic of drones, for example, another trend at this year’s fair, will address matters including the question of how companies can implement this technology for monitoring industrial plants or in logistics. In a new area created specifically for this purpose, concrete applications of virtual reality technologies will also be shown, another trending theme this year.

In 2017, another important question is how companies can digitise and automate their business processes and what role documents will play in this. At the stand of the IT industry association bitkom, Daniel Wagenführer, General Manager for Business Development at TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, will be discussing this topic with other experts.

Other focuses of CeBIT 2017 are the digital office and the cloud as well as cyber security. Here, the exhibitors present numerous business solutions, from the smartphone app for tap-proof calls via software that detects attacks from the Web in real time, to cost free encryption for everyone. In addition, another prominent guest awaits the public: NSA revealer Edward Snowden will speak via video link.


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