Presentation / positioning

Our new range MFP A3 fits perfectly into the market’s evolution, which is growing steadily and presents a wide predominance of color. With these new systems, TA Triumph-Adler renews its main products in the 21-30 ppm segment and offers a differentiating range on higher speed segments.

A new and complete MFP A3 range: the guarantee of new common successes!

How ?


  • Ecran tactile 9‘‘
  • Screen can be adjusted according to the needs of the user
  • Modular systems according to the needs of the user


  • Faster
  • Scanning up to 180 ipm (40 to 60 ppm models, 300 dpi, duplex)
  • Dual Scan Document Feeder – 270
    sheets (optional)
  • Reduced warm-up time


  • Internal Finisher 500 s. optional staple + punch unit
  • Finisher 1000 s. optional staple + punch unit
  • Finisher 4000 s. optional staple + punch unit, booklet module and
  • Mailbox

Optimised paper feed:

  • 1150 sheets in standard, and up to 7150 sheets max.
  • Paper size from A6 to SRA3, and paper weight up to 300g/m²
  • Banner format supported
  • Paper output up to 500 sheets

Print Quality:

  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi at full speed
  • New toner technology for an unsurpassed quality
  • Precise reproduction of fine lines and characters
  • Bright colors Transcription

Management of information workflow:

  • Embedded HyPAS technology for integrating specific applications and managing information workflow


  • Reduced footprint by 20%
  • Reduced energy consumption by 35%
  • Low noise emission
  • Shock absorbers on paper cassettes for smooth closing

High mobility

  1. NFC Interface*
  2. Direct WiFi*
  3. TA Mobile Print
  4. Apple AirPrint
  5. Google Cloud Print
  6. Mopria
  7. MyPanel
    * with IB-35 card


  • Easy maintenance: no need for specific tools, easily accessible elements, individual drum and developer replacement
  • Toner cartridge lock: Replaceable after empty cartridges only
  • Using the Empty Black Cartridge as a Toner Recovery Box


  • Perfectly integrated systems with many common options
  • Systems easier to use
  • Increasingly fast systems without compromising print quality
  • Increasingly reliable systems without multiplying maintenance operations
  • Increasingly quiet systems capable of reducing environmental impact

Main benefits

  • A complete and coherent new A3 MFP range: guaranteeing new common successes
  • Replacement of the main products and introduction of a differentiating range on carrier segments:
    . A3 Color MFP 21-30 ppm: segment still dominant,
    . A3 Color MFP 31-60 ppm: continuously growing segment.
  • Many new features that are essential for optimized A3 MFP market coverage


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Secib Expert Connector

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