A new version of universal Driver KX available for download.
Note: many new features associated to a brand new design !

KX Driver new design

  • A new, more colorful and graphical interface
  • A clearer emphasis on the different menus
  • Integration of new icons for better visibility
  • A new design common to the driver and the TA Mobile Print application

Some examples of new features

Batch copy :

  • This new feature is useful to program batch copy of a same document, including a specific cover sheet to each batch
  • Ex: Printing an end-of-year evaluation document for the different grades of a high school:
  1. In the “Batch Copies” dialog box, set the number of copies and the title of the cover page of each batch ” First Scientist “.
  2. The print size, media type, source and orientation can be set for each batch
  3. Import and export functions are available to save batch copying profiles for on-demand reuse

Some examples of new features

Optimization of the automatic blank page removal function:

  • The automatic blank page removal function is now available, including duplex printing, multi-page printing on one sheet, or printing in booklet mode.
  • 3 possibilities for the function « Remove blank pages » :
    • Off: All document pages are printed, including blank pages
    • On: All blank pages will be removed
    • Use Display Settings: The white pages of the document are maintained in case of duplex printing, multiple pages printed on one shee, or booklet printing. Blank pages are therefore only deleted in simplex mode.

Insert chapter pages* :

  • This function specifies the page where each chapter of a document begins.
  • The printing of each new chapter takes place on the front of a new page. The user don’t have to worry about the layout of the document.

*Compatible systems: TA Color 2506ci, 3206ci, 4006ci, 5006ci, 6006ci, TA 4056i, 5056i, 6056i, TA Color 7006ci, 8006ci, TA 7056i, 8056i, TA 3061i, P-3522DW, P-4020DW, P-C2155w MFP and P-C2650DW


  • Many other new features are available with KX Driver version 7.0.
  • We invite you to download this latter version directly from our website TA Triumph-Adler
  • Version 7.0 of KX driver includes basic auto-installer for all TA Triumph-Adler products, including newer models
    • New A3 Color MFP: TA Color 2506ci, 3206ci, 4006ci, 5006ci, 6006ci, 7006ci, 8006ci
    • New A3 B/W MFP: TA 3061i, 4056i, 5056i, 6056i, 7056i, 8056i
    • New A4 Color MFP: TA Color P-C2155w MFP
    • New A4 Color Printers: P-C2650DW
    • New A4 B/W Printers: P-3522DW, P-4020DW, P-4531DN, P-5031DN, P-5531DN
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2, Server 2016 : 32 and 64 bits.


Secib Expert Connector

SECIB EXPERT connector from the HyPAS ScannerVision application: SECIB EXPERT is a business software widely used by lawyers. This connector allows an optimal integration of our MFP and our solutions for this privileged target.

New Competition Comparative Tool

New competition comparative tool: many points of comparison available, possibility to compare up simultaneously seven printing systems... Benefit from complete and up to date database.

HyPAS PinPoint Scan version 3

More flexibility and efficiency for this new version of PinPoint ScanTM, an easy-to-install and easy-to-use HyPAS solution for optimal management of the company's scanning workflow.

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