The indispensable tool for sales teams!

TA-Audit is a solution for gathering information on network devices from a single USB. It can be used by:

  • Sales teams : for easily assessing volumes and costs, simulating contract buybacks and automatically generating customizable reports to present to the customer,
  • Technicians: for viewing the status of systems and products immediately and to look up accounts required for billing,
  • Fleet managers: for ascertaining and presenting the necessary indicators to ensure effective management with ease.

Collect data

  1. Connect a USB to any computer connected to the corporate network (See Technical Specifications)
  2. Perform automatic collection on the main IP address range or configure the desired ranges
  3. Once the report is completed, it is possible to add, edit or delete the devices chosen

Evaluate the volumes
TA-Audit allows one to accurately measure the print volumes of collected devices.
The collected data can be exported as a Csv or Excel file to be used by a third-party application

  1. The control panel allows one to edit working days in a company. The new solution engine is based on a current calendar to calculate the exact number of working days between two collections, thus providing volume estimates of unequivocal accuracy.
  2. TA-Audit presents a per-day, month, quarter or year basis, per-device volume based on two statements (by comparison), or on a statement and installation date (by projection). The exact number of working days between dates makes estimating print volumes highly accurate.

Park estimate: Visualing potential savings
Estimating cost: Once print volumes are evaluated, TA-Audit allows one to enter an average cost per page depending on the system’s category (e.g. monochrome, color, printers, multifunctional devices, laser, inkjet), or include a monthly rent in a contract.

The result of the financial simulation can be extrapolated over a personalized reference period as a cost per day, month or year. Potential savings can quickly add up.

Simulation of contracts
Buyback contracts: Simply apply a contract to a device or take advantage of the financial simulator to buy back the contract before it termination. Comprehensive information is available to prompt customers about potential opportunities to expand the park.

1 – Existing contracts: Start and end date ; Rental cost ; Service cost ; Material fees in case of breach in contract ; Page Fees in case of breach in contract ; Cost per page (mono and / or color) ; Monthly volume (mono and / or color) ; Page minimum.

2 – Proposed contract: Financial simulation of balance remaining before the deadline of a current contract.
Identification in table and graphics mode ; Results stored for rewrites and exports ; Taking commitments and late fees into account ; Informing users when customers begin to save money.

Advanced statistics:
Detecting opportunities:
TA-Audit integrates a statistical calculator immediately identifying weaknesses within the fleet, offering solutions to fix these issues.

Monitors the expansion of the park: Analysis of statistics , comparisons or reference periods are presented in the form of charts and tables, which allows better understanding of the park. The indicators focus on equipment, available options, volumes, and costs so that a better scenario can be created.

Present conclusions
Produce and deliver a complete, clear, customized report of the park, its volumes and costs in a single click, from the collected data.



Network device snapshots (SNMP-Support USB)

Evaluation of volumes and costs

Balance simulation

Advanced statistics

Customized reports (MS Word© and MS PowerPoint©)

MS Excel© exports collected information


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