MFP A3 Triumph-Adler TA Color 3508ci

Pictogramme Flèche 1 Triumph-Adler Versatile:
Processes formats going from A6R to SRA3 and paper weights going from 52 to 300 g/m²
Versatile use of internal finishers and scanning systems to suit your business processes.
Improved printing and scanning rendering
Pictogramme Scan Triumph-Adler Reinvented scanner :
New printing circuit for virtually continuous reading of the scanned document
Increased scanning speed and improved reliability
Accepts multi-sheet documents and automatically straightens slanted documents
Scans multiple documents to seperated reception files
Complete scanner autonomy of the scanner in case of system errors on MFP functions
Pictogramme Accessibilité Triumph-Adler Completely accessible :
Better ergonomics and more user friendly
Tiltable touchscreen with new user interface
Audible and visual signals to notify system operation
Use of numerous functions via smartphone through the MyPanel app
Pictogramme Sécurité Triumph-Adler Safer :
Support for the TLS encryption protocol version 1.3
Monotoring of unauthorized access and information leaks via the Syslog protocol
New e-mail encryption system (from 1024 bits to 4096 bits)
Automatic retrieval of the certificate by the MFP upon installation