The HyPasTM application speeds up scan workflows

With PinPoint Scan, choose the scan destination. PinPoint Scan is remarkably easy to set up: first, install the application on a PC, then create  a personal PIN code and preferred scan destinations. On the MFP, simply enter the PIN code or sign up with an ID card and immediately see all previously chosen scan destinations directly on the panel:

  • Scan to Folder: Save the scanned file straight to the desktop or in any folder on your PC
  • Scan to Email: Merely send the scanned document to your e-mail address
  • Scan to Application: Send documents to applications supporting PDF files

Data Security:

The scanned data undergoes an SSL encryption before being sent from the MFP to a PC to ensure its security during the whole scanning process.

Intuitive interface

Support of PDF, JPEG, TIFF and searchable PDF files (with scan extension kit option)

Support of main scan options: resolution, type of original document, format, density, duplex, file separation, automatic rotation, and more

Automatic integration of Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive

Option to specify  file names: possibility of adding a prefix or  suffix, as well as a timestamp


Speedy and straightforward: the intuitive installation and interface guarantee that anyone can operate the application without difficulty (no need for training)

Compatible with Mac and PC environments: PinPoint Scan offers companies a simple and friendly answer dedicated to the optimization of their scanning processes.

Time saved right away from the get-go

Flexible solution: creation of scanned profiles adapted to  normal company practices (scanning profiles to local applications supporting PDF format)

Optimized electronic document sharing and archiving


Abby FineReader

All-in-one OCR and PDF software application for increasing business productivity while working with documents

Scan Extension Kit

OCR solution directly from the MFP


Simplifies scanning and processing operations at the touch of a button

TA Color 4006ci

Multifunctional color system
Copy / Print / Scan / Fax