Simplify your scanning operations at the touch of a button!

Simplify your scanning operations at the touch of a button!

Imagine the potential consequences if you cannot find an important document like a contract or an invoice. In many organizations, the processing and archiving of business critical documents is still a time consuming and error prone manual process.

To remedy this, ScannerVision is an intelligent capture solution to reduce risks and increase operational efficiency at the same time. It enables to define and execute custom document workflows as an automated process.

ScannerVision converts document scans into completely new, editable and searchable files. Automatically convert documents into the required format and save them in predefined destination folders simply by touching the control panel on your TA Triumph-Adler MFP. This way, you optimize capture, editing and distribution!


  • Connectors: Link directly into a wide range of applications like aQrate
  • Metadata: To make sure that all scans are correctly stored, metadata can be assigned automatically based on information such as date and time of processing or document content
  • LDAP / AD Support: Access your company’s address book from the front panel, and securely login for individual options
  • OCR with full-text search for quickly locating scanned documents
  • Conversion into traditional Office formats such as Word or Excel for direct processing
  • Recognition and processing of barcodes content
  • Security: network traffic between ScannerVision clients and server can be encrypted
  • Automatic, convenient functions such as removing blank pages and rotating documents into reading position


Very simple, intuitive operation: same scan menu for all MFP systems, simple menu navigation, even for complex functions such as metadata

Sort and store documents directly in the destination folder on the MFP, for example, in customer, client or delivery folders

Secure data transfer thanks to SSL encryption for the entire scanning process

More efficiency, less time and lower costs thanks to numerous intelligent solutions


TA Geide

Solution for archiving documents and managing contract, 100 % cloud and secure


TA Titan Geide

Solution for saving and archiving documents with probative value


TA Titan Backup

An effective tool to protect long term data



Centralized management for printing output (e.g. copies, prints, and scans) as well as justifying costs.