TA-Geide is a 100% cloud EDM solution: a practical management tool tailored to each individual’s daily life.

TA-Geide is quick to install, and easy to keep up to date. This aids companies with cutting back significantly on costs. Thanks to a simple, clear interface and effortless use, company’s documents can be accessed from a secure internet connection. The application is personalised to each individual’s working needs.

TA Geide is adapted to businesses! Store and archive documents from an MFP, computer, USB, or hard drive… And on top of that, find documents on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wherever and whenever!

  • Secure & encrypted connection: connection with login and password, encrypted SSL on HTTPS port and certified GandiSAS Secure Certification Authority
  • A 100% Cloud solution: Data is accessible 7 days a week, in France and abroad
  • Software adaptability: With its intuitive interface and powerful integrated tools, the application is completely personalised to each person’s working needs and can be used as an advantage for success
  • Collaborative workflow: Optimize team responsiveness in task processing and increase productivity
  • Sign documents online: The SEE® system was originally used with banks sign documents in complete security via the interface in just a few clicks. After, a signature appears automatically on the document!
  • Classify, store, annotate, stamp, and combine documents
  • Effectively monitor contracts: Renewals, amounts, etc.
  • Manage the rights of collaborators: Access, time slots, actions on documents & folders…
  • Assign consultation rights to customers, collaborators or co-owners


Work time optimization

Quick access to information

Gain space by reducing the need to store items

Valeur probante des documents


Immediate deployment

Effortless use


No hardware investment,  resources or maintenance


Compatible with any IT environment


Minimization of hidden costs




TA Titan Backup

An effective tool to protect long term data.

TA Titan Geide

Solution for archiving documents and managing contract, 100 % cloud and secure

TA e-Kup

Backup solution  100 % cloud for saving dat


Simplifies scanning and processing operations at the touch of a button