Maximum protection and data security, under all circumstances

TA TITAN® is an EDM and Backup solution specifically made for protecting data. It is the first solution to maintain the probative value of internal electronic documents. This “mini data-center” system manufactured in France is designed by going through stringent durability testing (protection against fire, humidity, explosions, corrosion, magnetism, theft and harmful gases), meeting the UL and ETL standards.

TA TITAN® is available in 2 modes:

  • Private cloud: the backups and software usage are made 100% locally, on the company network
  • Cloud hybrid: it is possible to duplicate the data on servers in the cloud for a duplicate backup

UL & ETL standardized high-security housing:
This SURVIVACAST®US Patent 6-269-966 enclosure ensures that discs can be stored safely, regardless of damage.

Assembly HDD Raid1:
The HDD hard drives built into the TA TITAN® are mounted in “RAID.1 mirroring”, allowing data to be duplicated in order to be protected against the unlikely event of disk failure.

WORM indestructible system:
TA TITAN® is an effective tool for protecting documentary history. Our software process makes all saved documents indestructible and unalterable thanks to the TA Titan + WORM (Write Once Read Many) combination. The documents are restored to their original format in accordance with NF Z42-013 standard.

TA TITAN® is equipped with the DiskControl® application which gives the opportunity to a possible hard drive crash by intelligent, magnetic control from hard drives.


Rapid and extensible deployment, regardless of the number of workstations


Maximum data protection and security, under all circumstances


Peace of mind from risk of external attacks



TA Titan Backup

An effective tool to protect long term data

TA Geide

Solution for archiving documents and managing contract, 100 % cloud and secure

TA Color 2506ci

Multifunctional color system
Copy / Print / Scan / fax

TA 4056i

Multifunctional black & white system
Copy / Print / Scan / fax