Data protection

TA e-Kup® is a 100% Cloud backup solution that  saves data on the cloud on two separate servers. In the event that data is lost or stolen, it can easily be recovered with this secure and reliable method.


The loss of a computer can cause damage and throw a wrench into the workflow. Be certain that everything is backed up so that nothing is lost! (contacts, emails, customer files, invoices, quotations, etc.).

How to use TA e-Kup:

  • 100% Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Private Cloud

Automatic Update:
TA e-Kup automatically updates itself on the server, and backups are automatically saved

Service focus: :
There is only a single interlocutor needed for all IT purposes: from GED to backup, to having only one supplier.

Unlimited users:
Add limited devices , with no additional cost.

Simplified administration:
Set-up remote servers, and create simplified user profiles

High security system:
Encrypted data in AES 256 SSL encoded connection and communication server on HTTPS port.

Optimized backup:

  • Optimization of bandwidth and storage space: saved data is compressed + save changes only
  • Different support versions: Backup different versions of the same file

Disaster recovery :
In the event a workstation or server crashes, find everything on a new workstation: folders and documents are kept in the same place.


Fast and extensible  deployment, regardless of the number of posts


Automation Agent  and Background Operation


Protection against major risks


Pre-checking hard drive failures


Backup information (email or administration)


Remote and 100% cloud management


Keep internal and secure medical data (TA e-Kup Cloud is HADS accredited)



TA Titan Backup

An effective tool to protect long term data

TA Geide

Solution for archiving documents and managing contract, 100 % cloud and secure


Simplifies scanning and processing operations at the touch of a button

TA Color 2506ci

Multifunctional color system
Copy / Print / Scan / Fax