TA Triumph-Adler: leader in service quality

TA Triumph-Adler: leader in service quality

Current market research: TA Triumph-Adler achieves top rating in service quality in customer survey.

Service quality is a decisive success factor for companies. Anyone who wants not only to satisfy, but also to retain convinced customers and be successful financially, must offer good service. But what does that mean?

Above all, good service today means that you are proactive as a company. At TA Triumph-Adler, we anticipate problems before they occur and thus increase the availability of the systems. We also grant software updates installation on our devices mostly automatically and remotely. Thanks to this so-called predictive maintenance, our customers can concentrate better on their core business.

However, optimising service quality remains a challenge because, compared to a product, the conditions vary according to which services – such as a repair – are provided. Certain problems occur again and again and you can solve them accordingly in a routine manner. But the range of varying factors of influence remains large: does the problem have to be solved very quickly? how do you discover previously unknown relationships to other problems? what are the special features of problem communication with the customer that need to be taken into account?

Service quality is so important to our customers. They must know: after all, they have to deal directly with our service if there is a problem. So the Institut Hopp Marktforschung market research institute asked 1,002 of them by phone. They gave us the top rating! At the end of the second quarter of 2017, they rated us 1.44 (1.0 is the highest possible score).

But how good is a 1.44 rating compared to other industries? Very good! TA Triumph-Adler comes first here, before companies in printing technology (1.5) or telecommunications (1.6).

The details of the survey also show that TA Triumph-Adler is the frontrunner in the service sector: 59 percent of respondents would actively recommend TA Triumph-Adler. Above all, the high level of expertise of our technicians contributes to this. In addition, 90 percent of the customers surveyed – all of whom had called us for a service call a maximum of one week before the survey – always feel well informed.

All in all, we are very happy with these latest results – but that doesn’t stop us from continuing to work towards that elusive 1.0 customer satisfaction rating!

* Survey launched by the Hopp Marktforschung Institute on the German market


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